Let SpringBok Do The Management For You.

Challenges while trying to stay organized.

SpringBok is best suited for today’s management scenario. Hr management tools which help you save time and stay organized are very popular these days.

No matter where you are located in the globe, you will always feel like sitting next to your team using SpringBok.

It is literally impossible to keep track of projects using email communication. It is far more difficult to manage everything using sheets or excel. This where SpringBok becomes the one stop solution to all these problems. A platform where you can not only keep track of all the tasks but also keep tab of your employees’ activities and requests. Isn’t it wonderful that you can take care of every important thing in just one tool and not having to toggle between tabs or pages?

Applying for leave or claim is just a step away be it with a computer, laptop or a mobile device.

SpringBok does indeed make your management task easy and efficient so that you can give more time on other things that can help your business grow.


Powerful, simple and free

SpringBok makes time management very easy for you. With SpringBok, you can keep an eye on each and every activity of your employees. You also have the power to approve or reject any of the requests. SpringBok helps you in saving time and keeping everything in one place so there is no chance of things getting misplaced.

Stay on the same page with your team using SpringBok dashboard. This is the place where you can monitor and control the tasks and assignments listed out. Notifications will be sent for every task and request.

Invite new employees on SpringBok with an email invitation. Here you can add as many employees you want to. That too for free. The default features of SpringBok will be free forever.

SpringBok helps you connect with your team in a fast, simple, organized and effective way that you would have never thought earlier. So, leave your

HR management tasks for SpringBok and see the magic it creates.

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