Management made simpler – Is Crucial for your business growth

SpringBok has been rolled out for the businesses. It will be taking care of all your HR Management activities. You can add new employees by just sending a simple invitation. If you want you can give special access to reporting authorities who will be able to help you in keeping track of all the activities of the employees. SpringBok provides a one-stop solution to all your activities like leave and claim review as well as payslip generation and working hour tracking.

We understand that daily work status is essential is important for the managers to give right direction to the project and the team. Hence, we came up with this feature to fix the conventional way of sending work updates without fail. With Simplicity at its best, the employees can send leave applications in SpringBok itself. You can also track the amount of time spent by the employees on a given task or project.

Here is how it works:-

  • Admin/reporting authority can give out a task to the desired employee. Once the employee clicks the arrow icon and starts to work on the given project. They can track the total time elapsed.
  • SpringBok spends email notification for each and every activity. Not just one but multiple projects can be handed out using SpringBok.
  • For claims, if you want you can negotiate with the employee by sending messages. This can be done without leaving SpringBok.It also helps maintain all the records, so there is no possibility of misplacement of important detail.

What else you can do with SpringBok:-

  • You can create your company profile. Provide the financial duration, web address, working hours, currency, address and many more things.
  • You can set departments according to your preference like HR, support, accounts, sales etc.
  • The salary structure can also be created according to your company’s norms.
  • The job invitations can also be sent out via SpringBok.

In short, SpringBok is the ultimate solution to all your managerial needs. Whatever task you can think of or whatever thing you need can be taken care of by SpringBok. All of these come for free. As promised, the default features of SpringBok will be free forever. So, just imagine, a solution to all your needs without even a minute hit on your pocket.

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