Managing Everything Anytime Anywhere.

When we were giving the finishing touches to SpringBok, we were confused. Should we make it available for download and install or just let it be a web-based tool? We decided to let it be a web-based tool in order to give you the flexibility to use it from anywhere on any device. Why make it a downloadable software to restrict you from using it anywhere? Now you can use it on any device from anywhere anytime.

It is simple to run SpringBok in a browser wherever you want. anywhere you want. With an intuitive interface, easy-to-use functionality, you can organize your project and track your employees’ activities to a great extent.

Have a look at some of the key features of SpringBok:-

Create/assign/track projects and employees activities

  1. Project and team supervision.
  2. Get conversations over a claim under a single thread.
  3. Notification for every activity.
  4. Create and track tasks.
  5. Leave and claim application
  6. Payslip generation
  7. Simple and intuitive

What kind of management can be done using SpringBok:-

Project Management

Assign a project and track the time spent on it.

Leave and claim Management

Approve or reject leave applications and claims of the employee faster and in an organized way.

User Management

Admins and Report Authorities can keep track of each and every activity of the employees, even track the total number of hours they have worked.

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