Need For Paperless HR Management

In a company or organization, the role of the human resources department is important. The human resources department must go through many activities to make a difference. Most HR activities are conducted in offline mode and therefore require a lot of paperwork. Paperwork is always tiring, time-consuming and uneconomical. Moreover, these methods are always error-prone. Therefore, switching to something more efficient and economical is always a wise decision. This is why the human resources department should be paperless. In this blog, we will see how the HR department can strengthen the paperless model to increase efficiency.

How to go paperless

Paper use can be a budget killer, not because paper costs a lot of money, but because related activities and paper can undermine budget stability. Activities such as filing cabinets, printer use, printer ink, office space allocation for paper operations and maintenance are accompanied by paper works. This can definitely eat your budget. Now let’s see what smart way we can switch from paper use.


Adapt to electronic signature

When it comes to commercial companies, physical signatures are always risky, as originality may fluctuate from time to time. In addition, a paper is a must when using physical signatures, so paperwork comes into play. Scanning, printing, etc. can also be inconvenient when using physical signatures. Now, when using electronic signatures, all of these problems can be solved, with additional advantages such as saving time and money and increasing security.

Encourage employees to be paperless

This is not a physical technique. Instead, it is a psychological skill. Here, the HR department can encourage employees to use paperless technology instead of paper. Employees can use the digital format for office-related activities and work. The Human Resources department can also provide some form of reward for employees with low print rates and low paper usage.


Introducing digital forms instead of paper forms

Paper forms are an integral part of every company. This approach can be changed by introducing a digital form, which can save a lot of money and can also eliminate the inconvenience caused by paperwork. Various forms such as evaluation forms, feedback forms, application forms, vacation forms, reimbursement forms and agreement forms can be digitized and convenient for work.

Documents can be switched to PDF

Most documents related to the office are processed through a paper. When these documents are switched to PDF format, it can create better accessibility and ease of use. Document storage is made easier because PDF is mobile friendly. Creating documents digitally at the same time reduces the risk of physical damage, loss, and more.

Switch to cloud storage

The company’s usual way of adapting to store employee files is to use paper offline. It is not easy to save this file and take it out for each purpose. The same is true for storing various documents associated with a company. Cloud storage systems available today can be an effective alternative. Cloud storage provides efficient storage for files and is easy to access. In addition, cloud storage provides greater security because only authorized personnel can access files, and we do not access them if we use plain paper document storage.


Recruitment digitization

The recruitment process is another area where a lot of paperwork takes place. The recruitment process can be carried out digitally. Smart recruiting without paper use can be performed using technologies such as electronic signatures and electronic documents. E-mail, text messaging, digital resumes, etc. can also be used to eliminate paper usage and increase the efficiency of the entire recruitment process.

Online document management

New employees who hire companies or companies will be required to fill out so many company-related documents. This can be changed to an online format where employees can find all the details online and fill them out to save and use them. In addition, other documents related to employees (such as contract letters, payrolls, etc.) can also be digitized.

Paperless wage management

Traditional compensation methods have given way to direct deposits at most companies. However, the compensation report is still available in offline paper mode. This can also be changed by using an online payment report. These compensation reports are transferred through secure channels that are accessible only to employees. There will be a password to access the payment statement sent as an encrypted email. Therefore, wage management can be paperless.

These are some of the ways we turn our human resources department into a paperless job.

Why should we go paperless?

Paperless work has many advantages. It actually helps the company in many ways. This is not just a way to change the old school way, the company should adopt a paperless approach, to bring various benefits. Let us now look at the various advantages of the paperless HR department.

Recruitment is easy

Since the HR department must pass a series of resumes, cover letters, job applications, etc., the regular recruitment process is very difficult and time-consuming. These inconveniences can be removed by paperless adaptation. Using the online job application, you can collect relevant data from candidates through a common source that can be analyzed and stored in the database.

The trouble of joining has disappeared

The days of employee joining will be filled with paper works such as company policies, paper forms and other important documents. When all of these processes are made in the online format, it eliminates the problem of paperwork and makes the process simple and effective. The accessibility of these documents has also become easier because you don’t have to use paper bags to find specific documents.


Effective employee management

Staff management becomes more effective when done in a paperless manner. Real-time management is an advantage we get from paperless employee management. Employees can connect with HR in real time online to ensure action without wasting any time.

Payroll processing becomes simple

The payroll when digitized reduces the pressure on the human resources department. The main issues of checking for lost or stolen and delayed payments have been completely removed. A quick payroll report can also be created when a digital payroll is introduced.

Save time and money

Paperless can save a lot of time and money. Since all the work is done digitally and online, it will definitely increase the speed of the work and help save time. Paperless printing also helps reduce costs due to the minimization of the use of a large number of items such as printers.

Provide better security

These documents are more secure when they are made into a digital format. When introducing digital documents, there are no problems such as missing documents, corrupted documents, and stealing important files. Therefore, the security is very high.

These are all the advantages that the HR department can achieve when it is paperless.

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