Notifications From SpringBok

Sometimes, it might not be possible for you to stay on SpringBok. So, just to ensure that you do not miss out any important activity of your employee, you will be sent an email notification for each and everything. For example, if an employee applies for leave and you are not on SpringBok at that particular moment. Well, nothing to worry. You will get an email notification to let you know about the activity. So can also decide to approve the tenure of the leave or break it according to your desire. You can also decide whether it will be a loss of pay or not.


What about the tasks?


If the owner or the reporting authority gives out a project to an employee. He will get an email notification. Once he starts the work on it you can even track the tie spent on the work. No matter you close the window, the internet stops working or even there is a power failure, until and unless the timer is stopped it will keep on ticking.

One place all data


SpringBok has the potential to be one-stop where all your employee details and activities will stay safe and secured. There will be no problem of misplacing pages or deleting sheets. You can also track previous records as well. Have a look at payslips, the working hours and even tasks.


SpringBok is a pioneer in HR Management. This will not only provide you more time to concentrate on other things but it will also help you take a step in the right direction. The HR Management tools are quite popular amongst the businesses. So, its time for you to join the change without giving any hit to your budget.

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