Shouldn’t You Have Enough Time To Take Care of Other Things?

A recent survey showed that 70% of American workers are not engaged in their work or work. As an HR professional, it is your responsibility to recruit, work and retain highly qualified employees. What can you do to maintain employee engagement and retention? In an update to the US Workplace Status Survey, Gallup found that only about one-third of employees are engaged in this work. While management and top management seem to be more involved, leaving the workforce means lower profits, lower productivity and higher employee turnover. A comfortable corporate culture is a factor that is increasingly considered by potential employees. If your employees have low morale and high turnover, take steps to improve your workplace experience. Before hiring a consultant to investigate and realign your environment, consider simple but meaningful tips for these effective workplace engagements:
Communication basis: Ensure that employees at all levels understand the expectations of the work, introduce, receive the necessary training, and cover all entry checkpoints.
Reduce segregation: When management and formal workforces are close to work, relationships are established, communication processes and productivity are generally as follows. The compartment environment twenty years ago was not suitable for innovation or sharing ideas. When needed, make sure your work environment is designed to support team and teamwork.

Flexibility: Flexible timelines and telework are quickly becoming important features to attract and retain valued people. Mobile time and attendance management can help employees and you track time anywhere you deploy your employees.
Authenticity: Not surprisingly, all cohort employees want to know that their work is valued – their work is valuable to their work. In October 2014, entertainment giant Walt Disney dismissed 250 skilled employees after outsourcing its work to a hosting provider. Laid-off workers have the opportunity to receive a 10% severance payment to train replacements. Although Disney saved a bundle of high-skilled workers replaced by immigrant outsourced workers, the Magic Kingdom lost its brilliance in the American workplace.
Effective human resource management: HR staff is usually the first and last contact for most employees. Recruitment, training, scheduling and professional development ensure that your entry and exit are smooth, welcoming, and in compliance with company and other regulations. A well-designed digital HR platform saves you time, money and paper while increasing employee engagement while you are in the company.

It is understandable that HRs have a lot of things to take care of. So, they can miss out on these things. This is where SpringBok can come in handy for them. SpringBok will take care of most of the things that consume their time. This will allow them to have enough extra time where they can concentrate on these things which can prove beneficial for the company’s growth.

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