The New Beginning With SpringBok

SpringBok is one of the most organized and powerful HR management tools across the whole internet. This is the one place where you can manage all your employee’s activity be it taking care of their leaves, claims, payslips and projects. It can be the one stop solution for all your HR related issues. SpringBok is simple, free, organized and customizable. This will help you save time so that you can concentrate on other important stuff

Within a minute you can make your business management hassle-free by letting SringBok take care of things. From your employee details to records and even projects. SpringBok will take care of each and everything that eats your valuable time.

SpringBok can be accessed from anywhere anytime using a secure access.

Take the next step to success by signing up in SpringBok. All it needs is your business name, your name and email id.

  1. Create an admin access that will have the entire control and access of each and every feature.
  2. Add the list of employees and invite them to sign up via email.
  3. Employees would get an employee access where they can keep tab of holidays, claims, projects, working hours, payslips etc.
  4. Employees can even raise a claim or apply for leave using SpringBok and you can decide whether to approve or reject.
  5. You can create reporting authorities and give them special access where they can keep a track of the employees’ activity. Thus, giving you some extra free time.
  6. You can keep track of the time spent by everyone on the assigned project. Making time management not be a mess for you.
  7. The user interface is so simple and interactive that you don’t need to be a techie to understand it.
  8. The best thing about SpringBok is that it is absolutely free. The default features are free for lifetime.
  9. You can add as many employees you want and generate as many reports you want.

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