Why Not Replace Paper With Technology

Paper documents – It used to be the lifeblood of the organization, and now it becomes more annoying, and it wastes a lot of human resources time chasing it because many processes are driven by authorization. Unfortunately, small businesses don’t always give up easily, but today’s affordable cloud-based HR system can certainly provide welcome relief. Let’s look at a few examples.


Holiday authorization
Why, in the 21st century, we still produce these? Holidays are contractual rights. The only limit is the number of days, if there are special circumstances, such as two specific people cannot leave at the same time, if two weeks is the maximum that can be taken any time, or seasonal operations are not allowed at some time of the year.

With self-service, employees can book holidays and attendance charts are automatically updated. The vacation time will be set to reduce the balance, considering the company rules, the team diary is up to date, and it is easy to see if anyone is trying to spend too much time. You can even check if the employee has not taken the due holiday. If you don’t have hundreds of sheets of paper, you can not only control the entire operation, but it also means that you trust your employees, which is highly desirable.


Recruitment power
Almost all organizations are too sensitive to recruiting, and the standard way to handle this type of recruitment is to collect as many approval signatures as possible, ranging from hiring managers to general managers. In fact, if there is a vacancy, the position exists in the number of employees who have been approved by the board this year. The salary range for this position has been determined in the approved salary budget, so unless there is any significant change, the finance or human resources staff can verify that the post is within the population and budget to continue.


Of course, we can’t eliminate many processes, and that’s where the workflow saves. A workflow is the automation of a business process in which a document, information, or task is passed from one participant to another in accordance with a set of program rules. Workflows can be set up in the system administrator or user. Self-service can be used to complete activities (such as updating bank details or confirming address changes) and, after entering new information, route it to recipients or recipients for approval or forwarding for further approval.
Unfinished approvals will appear as incomplete in the recipient’s email or system inbox, so it is not possible to bury them in the physical tray and be delayed. Incidentally, a large number of payroll inquiries come from the time limit for the period and the overtime period for which the overtime form is not approved, so it is also possible to save time.

Performance management
One activity that can benefit from workflow and self-service is performance management.

From annual assessments to more frequent assessments, each organization has its own way to deal with this problem. Standards and components vary, including performance targets measured at each completion stage from “not starting” to “reaching goals”, continuous evaluation ratings, 360-degree ratings, development milestones, and highlights of any skill gaps to be addressed. Recording these online through your system will save the compose form and organize the data for you so that you can use your system to provide an overview of the individual as well as the department and organization.


Another familiar issue is a bunch of unprocessed self-certification forms located at the corner of the Human Resources Office, which means that any real-time absence reports are inaccurate. Employees can easily complete this by completing the information online, uploading any supporting documentation, and then forwarding the authorization to the relevant manager. In this way, how traffic is set up as needed, information can always be found in the employee’s records, and the time lost due to illness is automatically forwarded to the payroll.


SpringBok will give you clear data of every small activity within your organization. Save paper and at the same time make your management more authentic. With SpringBok you can eliminate minute human errors that are bound to occur be it intentional or unintentional. It is estimated that 77% of the startups will be switching to HR Management tools by 2020. So, why do you want to stay behind? Go to our website and make SpringBok an integral and most efficient part of your organization.

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